Ievadlapa / Daugavpils State gymnasium  
       Daugavpils State gymnasium is located in the second biggest city (~ 98 ooo inhabitants) in East Latvia near to Russian, Lithuanian and Belorussian boarders. Unfortunately there are ~ 250 km from Riga which is the most beautiful city in Latvia. But Daugavpils is also old and interesting city because of their multicultural character – here live Russian (~50%), Belorussian, Polish, Latvian (only 16 %) people. The most charming things in our city are churches of 4 confessions located side by side, a big fortress from 19th century, the river Daugava and of course – people: young (we have about 20 schools, regional university) and old. The city lives from metal industry (Ziegler Maschinenbau a.o) and food industry.


What is the difference between high school and gymnasium?

       There are 26 State Gymnasiums in Latvia. The status of gymnasium is acquired by showing good quality of education for several years. Status of gymnasium can be taken off, if quality of education doesn't match the standards of education defined by state.
       • At least 3 educational programmes must be implemented.
       • Higher quality of teaching and learning.
       • The goal of gymnasium is to provide competitive education of high quality and           to prepare pupils for studies in university.
       • Higher requirements for teachers' education and qualification.
       • Gymnasium provides active teachers methodological work.
       • Educational programmes are extended with scientific research works and deepened studies of some science branches.
All 26 gymnasiums work successfully together providing each other different activities in the branches where they have more competence (like foreign languages, sport, traditions, mathematics etc.).


Concerning the school 2015/2016:
Number of students: 309
Number of teaching staff: 29
Number of technical staff: 41 (dinner room, swimming pool, sport hall etc.)
Number of classes: 14 (grades 7 till 12, students aged 13 - 19)
Resources: sport hall, swimming pool, library, dining - room, student hostel
The idea of our school is a united student, teacher and parent body to reach the main goal - to develop students` personal ability for their future life to be an open minded and critical citizen in the whole world
       • by improving their researching skills,
       • by implementing principles of sustainability in educational programs and           learning and teaching process,
       • by seeking Latvian traditions and acceptance of multicultural society.

       To learn in State Gymnasium means to acquire high quality education.The specific environment determines the network of schools. Daugavpils State Gymnasium is one of the 4 schools where students study in Latvian, however, a great part of them are Russians. State language (Latvian) is used by them only at school.
       Daugavpils State Gymnasium offers 4 scholastic programmes. 3 programmes are offered for secondary school pupils (forms 10-12):
       • Programme of General Basic Education
       • General Secondary Education Programme of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and           Techniques in Sub-sector of Lingvotechnics where are offered mostly subjects           from sub-sector of exact sciences. In addition pupils acquire some subjects in           foreign language.
       • General Secondary Education Programme of General Education course where are           offered subjects from exact and humanitarian sub-sectors without specialization.
       • General Secondary Education Programme of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and           Techniques Course where are offered mostly subjects from sub-sector of exact           sciences.
The students have possibility to acquire 4 foreign languages (English, German, Russian and French).
       Every year students can widen their outlook. Our students are motivated and creative. We offer many out of class activities: choir, folklore dance group “Leiļi”, theatre group “Spēlmanīši”, debate club “Pārliecība”, sport sections (basketball, volleyball, football, swimming).        The participation in different European projects is one of our school brands. Some examples:
       • Comenius projects (“Europäische Schülerzeitung” 2004, “Minorities in our           society” 2005, “European families in comparison” 2007, “Young and old living           together” 2009 – 2011).
       • Comenius assistantship (language assistants from Germany, France, Sweden).
       • Teachers` professional development in the frame of different European           programs (ARION, Comenius, Gruntvig etc.).
       • Cedefop/study visits: “Linking formal and informal education to acquire lifelong           learning skills”2008 (Germany, Great Britain, Luxemburg, Italy, Poland, Sweden),           “Improving quality of education” (Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Turkey,           France, Greece, Portugal).
       • Youth in Action (“Lets` talk” 2008, partners: France, Latvia, Italy, Hungary;           “The Birds” 2010, partners: Germany, Netherlands, Latvia).
       • 2008 – 2011: UNESCO Associated school (seeking the goal - implementation of           sustainability in educational programs).
       • Since 2008 - Deutsche Sprachdiplomschule.
       • Since 1994 - Debates (Karl Popper).
       • Since 2011 - Jugend debattiert international.
       • Since 2010 - Junior Achievement.

       The cooperation with local university, nongovernmental organisations like American field service and AIESEC (students` exchange), British Council, Goethe institute and others form a basis for skills development needed in future life.
       The school has a regional debate centre, gymnasium serves as a basis for City education board in arranging methodical activities, providing material and human resources.
       Social awareness is one of the spheres of activity of students’ parliaments in Daugavpils State gymnasium (represented by 2 persons from each class). They are organising charity actions 3 times during academic year involving all the students performing, making and giving presents, talking together.

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